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Each of our beautifully designed hand blown glass vessels is a unique work of art. The nature and beauty of this hand made process results in slight variations of color and pattern. After you've finished burning your candle, the vessel can be reused as part of your home decor.

Key Ingredients in Formula:

Soy Wax, Essential Oil Based Fragrances, 100% Cotton Wick, Touch of Paraffin Wax (just enough to enhance the fragrance delivery). All LAFCO products are vegan, gluten and cruelty-free, and contain no phthalates or parabens.

Fragrance Life:

Up to a 90 hour burn time.


4" D x 4" H


White Maple Bourbon- aged bourbon | maple | vanilla bean
Birchwood Molasses- sweet tobacco | molasses | patchouli
Woodland Spruce- birch bark | spruce | palo santo
Midnight Current- redcurrant | cypress | blackberry
Fireside Oak-  oakwood | vetiver | golden amber